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Frigtools Refrigeration & Engineering Co.
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Frigtools Refrigeration & Engineering Co.
Frigtools Refrigeration & Engineering Co.
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Automotive Air Conditioning Recovery, Recycling, Evacuating & Charging Units
FRIGTOOLS is known as leading manufacturer of refrigerant charging evacuating, recovery & recycling units throughout India & abroad. Frigtools provides solutions to the environment challenges. We have designed completely indigenous equipment for recovery of CFC's & R-134A for automobile air conditioners. FRIGTOOLS has earned a worldwide reputation for quality, dependability & excellent service .

FRIGTOOLS offers a wide range of equipments for every need of its customers. Now you can beat the very high costs of refrigerants by investing in recovery & recycling equipments from FRIGTOOLS. We are dedicated to the development of innovative products that meet the technological demands of the automobile air conditioning industry. Our strengths are in the design and manufacture of high quality precision equipments at affordable prices.

Evacuating & Charging Units
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Evacuating & Charging Units
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Evacuating & Charging Units
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Frigtools Refrigeration & Engineering Co. Evacuating & Charging Units
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