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Frigtools Refrigeration & Engineering Co.
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High Vacuum Pumps
FRIGTOOLS High Vacuum Pumps are oil sealed rotary vane design. An eccentrically mounted rotor fitted with two radically sliding vanes sweeps the stator volume twice per revolution. As the vanes pass the intake port, a volume of gas is compressd and ejected through the exhaust, thus reducing the pressure at the fore stage and creating a vacuum.

High tolerances and oil film lubrication maintain exceptionally high clearances and produce high ultimate vacuum. Frigtools Double stage pumps have a cascade system. Gas ejected from the first stage passes to the intake port of second stage. As a result, they achieve higher ultimate vacuum and superior flow rates at lower pressure. FRIGTOOLS High vacuum pumps are approved by Kirlokar Copeland & other OEMs.

High Vacuum Pumps
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Frigtools Refrigeration & Engineering Co. High Vacuum Pumps
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High Vacuum Pumps
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Frigtools Refrigeration & Engineering Co. High Vacuum Pumps
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